HANA (Hana Zreikat) is a cross-genre music creator, composing mainly across pop, acoustic singer songwriter and contemporary classical instrumental styles. 

HANA currently in the running for the Australian Songwriter’s Association Australian Songwriter of the Year, whilst also continuing to release and compose new music. 

"Creating music is the way I process the events in my life and what I see happening around me in the world. I like to think that my music helps people to feel good and to process what’s happening in their own lives." - HANA

Some musical awards and accolades include: 

Named as the  Australian representative for Ethno New Zealand in 2020, a performance in Vatican City, Rome in 2015, a performance of her piano concerto by the Ballarat Symphony Orchestra in 2014, recipient of the Esther Rofe Scholarship (for a female student who shows promise in the field of composition) in 2012, and being named the Young Composer of the Year for the Chamber Strings of Melbourne at the age of 15.

HANA has also composed and conducted for organisations such as; The Australian National Academy of Music, The Australian Children’s Choir, Creativity Australia, and the Ballarat Symphony Orchestra. 

2022 sees HANA continuing to release singles in anticipation of another album in 2023, whilst continuing to compose commissioned instrumental works. If you’d like to keep up with what’s going on for HANA, join the mailing list below. 

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